Silent Signal


We are at a time when markets are saturated and coerced by commercial dogmas, and electronic music is no exception. Like an uprising of restless nonconformists, Silent Signal crusades to raise artists who refuse to sell themselves and to contaminate their projects.

Silent Signal is born with a feeling to keep untouchable the essence of the artist and his music; not only looking for the impact on the dancefloor but also fresh experimental waves, even breaking the sound barrier with illustration, video, installations. etc… It breathes with the motivation to collaborate with different aid projects, donating a part of the releases’ profits. Releases that will be launched using the current means: vinyl, cd and digital.

Silent Signal is a concept to illustrate rhythm and groove implicit in one noiseless moment, because silence and its timing is as important for music as sound itself, and can transmit the same feelings or even more than notes, voices or basses…