Galleta B

 “Calipso” (Greek Καλυψώ, ‘which hides’)- Queen of the beautiful island of Ogygia, where Odysseus got stranded when his boat wrecked. For seven long years, she kept the hero hypnotized. Calypso tried Odysseus to forget his previous life, and offered him immortality and eternal youth if he stayed with her on the island. But soon, the hero got tired of her attentions, and began missing his wife. With Athena’s help, Odysseus managed to escape and continued his journey. It is said that Calypso eventually died of grief.

“Ritmo Oblicuo Negativo” is based on the theory of the multiverse, in which there are a number of parallel worlds like ours, which are very close to each other, but with the difference that those other universes may have slight differences concerning laws of physics that would affect space and time. What would happen if at some point our reality and another coincided at the same rhythm?


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