“Ligeia Mare”: /laɪˈdʒiːəә ˈmɑriː/ is a lake in the north polar region of Titan the planet Saturn’s largest moon. It is the second largest known body of liquid on Titan, after Kraken Mare. Larger than Lake Superior on Earth, it is composed of nearly pure liquid methane. It is located at 78° N, 249° W.

It measures roughly 420 km (260 mi) by 350 (217 mi) km across, has a surface area of about 126,000 km2, and a shoreline over 2000 km (1240 mi) in length. Its namesake is Ligeia, one of the sirens in Greek mythology.

“The Viewer”: A vision is an experience, a reaction of the retina. It’s just a physical state, a photochemical excitation in which our visual consciousness is dominated by images. “The Observer” is nothing more than an animated detector, depersonalized, a grid of integrated signal receivers with considerable efficiency and mechanical reliability.

The zombie bird (Parus Major), star of our artwork, is a natural born observer, stalking other species of birds. Observe their “modus vivendi” and at the right time attacks the prey, nests with voracious cannibalism.

A naturally peaceful species, evolutionarily has mutated to a more similar to the human behaviors; who has had true acts of barbarism against the planet, throughout history just for fun.

The profits from the sale of digital reference will go to save our friends the bees.

“Music beyond time and space”



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