There are some Mayan legends related to the origin of the universe. Kukulkan, the creator god, and Tepeu, the god of Heaven, created the world. When they gave life to birds, the Quetzal was born from the blows that the gods directed to a guayacán tree. With the divine breath, the blue-green leaves of the guayacán flew out, and in their flight they adopted the form of this wonderful bird of majestic and long plumage.

In the temple dedicated to Kukulkan, built by the Itzá Maya in the XII century AD, in the city of Chichen Itza, a curious acoustic phenomenon occurs. It’s said that on the famous stairway where the Plumed Serpent appears descending on the spring and autumn equinoxes. If a person claps hands in front of the staircase, the sound spreads along the steps and a distorted echo is produced that is heard as the soft song of the quetzal… And they are still present.

This music is inspired in Helena Gallardo’s South American travels. Includes instruments and audios that the artist compiled in her stay on the continent.

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