Following the philosophy of the label, all funds raised from the sale of the second reference in digital format: “Calypso” will go entirelydesigned to shelters homes, feeding programs and medical care of the neediest people in India with the project  “Amavida”


Amavida is an NGO (Non Government Organisation) based in India. Their mission is to improve the life of those most in need, and their work is based on our core values: Love, Respect, Compromise and Transparency. They work with most affected by poor living standards: women and children. Women are present in the country, of which depends the education of children, the true stars of the design of future society.

In Amavida many people participate together by solidarity and the idea that small actions can change the world. From Silent Signal believe inthat chain of solidarity, and we are confident that we can make this world a better place.

“I dreamt that life was happiness.
I woke up and saw that life is service.
I served and realised that service gives happiness.”

Indian proverb


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